jueves, 9 de agosto de 2007


Today I had an interview with a group of potential financial backers.

Equatorial Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas is a liquefied natural gas company (LNG -- duh!) that has a terminal and a plant here in Equatorial Guinea. It's main shareholder is Marathon. It is also one of the many oil and gas exploration companies working here.

It is located inside an area the local call the "American Compound". There, American oil and gas companies house their workers in an amazing mini replica of Anytown, USA. The cars, lay out, buildings, people, all are images right out of the US. The facilities are simply breath taking in their magnitude and scope. It gives fills me with the hope that some day, the social needs of Equatoguineans will be able to matchthe progress and prosperity of EGLNG and have access to this type ground breaking technology, capital and resources.

Equatorial Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas Co.

I presented the English Language Center project to a very interested audience. They seem to really like the idea of an ELC. Not only would it offer them a viable philanthropic opportunity but it would also help their employees learn English in a permanent, progressive, culturally sensitive and well developed academic curriculum with highly qualified instructors (thank you MSU).

The plan is for the English Language Center to serve the needs of students wanting English Majors and English for studying abroad (TOEFL). Eventually it would serve local business and community members needing to learn or perfect their English, provide professional development and preparation opportunities for Primary and Secondary English teachers and refresher courses for UNGE faculty and staff. UNGE hopes that in the future, the English Language program will be a successful community resource where the local children and adults can read in the ELC library, be immersed in the English language for practice, watch English language films, attend concerts and English cultural programs, plays, festivals etc...

This will help give many Equatoguineans the language skills needed to fill employment positions provided by Foreign Companies expanding here. It is my hope that it will also provide another business tool (English being the International business language) for every day people to expand their opportunities in Equatorial Guinea and abroad.

I am very hopeful that EGLNG will find this a worth while project for them to sponsor.

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