lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007


My first focus is to get my English Language Center project off the ground.

MSU is my academic backer. They will be providing all the brains for the operation. If all goes as planned, MSU will be sending 2 professors to EG to begin the first English Language Center in the country...oooh gooth pimpleth!

So..Today I went back to the National University of Equatorial Guinea to take note (one more once) of the inventory that I will need to include in my final proposal to Marathon, my No. 1 possible backer at the moment.
Well, what I really need is Hermione Granger's pretty wand to get this ball rolling. The University has very little equipment for the ELC. No computers, no textbooks, no committed classroom space, no internet, no closets for storage, no xerox machine....zzerooo! I tried the Expeliamus curse but that did not work. So tonight I will sit down and make a detailed list of all of the materials that I will need (resources and infrastructure) then crunch some numbers and see if it really it comes close to my original guestimate.

Why do I get the warm tinglees whenever I enter a classroom? occupational hazzard?, I thought I was over that.

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