domingo, 5 de agosto de 2007

The Thing About Airports

International Airports always make me feel like I am sitting in the inter-galactic bar in Star Wars. So many people, so many races, cultures, languages, clothing…well some of them are more like “get ups”.

Whether I am in New York, Tokyo, Paris or Lagos, airports always offer an interesting people watching experience. Living in the American Midwestern country side and encapsulated by my home, car and over scheduled life, I realize that I have very little opportunity to people watch.

Look...There, I see a young couple with the inconsolable baby…its going to be a long trip for them where ever they are going. Over there is a woman with the unfortunate choice of high heal shoes…what was she thinking?...well, she is thinking and feeling it now…. I see the trendy world traveled lone female sitting cross legged on the floor isolated by her earphones and tapping away at her laptop. How about the Middle Eastern couple and their children sitting across from me obviously nervous about being profiled…again?

It is all so amazing.

I have 3 hrs to wait and I made sure I sit far far away from the Cinnabon Kiosk and similar places of sin. I have the new Harry Potter book on tap on my iPod and am about to stretch out like a cat on the sunniest bay window and get some ZZZs on. Once I leave the perceived peace and order of the western world, chillaxing in relative quiet will be a unattainable luxury….

Woaw, the Indian woman across from me just took out her copy of the new Harry Potter book….small world…maybe I will chat for a while.

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