domingo, 5 de agosto de 2007


My aunties and some cousins waited for me even though my flight arrived nearly 2 hours late. They where all at my parents' house when I arrived. There was a lot of food, many kisses, a lot of crying, laughing and a welcome cake.

The local musicians played traditional celebratory songs. Everybody sang and danced and my mom and dad danced with happiness.

I cried and danced thru my jet lag (considering my trip was 2 days long) which made everything very funny for me towards the end of the night. I started gigglin' a lot!

It is so nice to be among my people and know that even though I live far, far away, I am remembered. It was humbling to see that all where glad to see me and glad for my parents for my return.

It was very late when everyone left. I was too tired to find a clock with the local time. I do not even remember finding my bed.

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